2018 Last-Minute Holiday Gift-Guide

I was done with my Christmas shopping by December 1st, but somehow it's taken me this long to finally get my gift-guide up (oh well). Anyway, I've compiled a list of all my favorite gifts from this season - most of which you can still order and receive in time for next week!

I tried to keep it as unisex as possible, as well as priced under $100 - although, most of these gifts come in under $40!

But first, stocking stuffers🧦

1) Moroccan Magic Lip Balms

≫ for him & her

These balms were a true lip-saver this winter, especially while I was at home in this zero-humidity Vegas weather. My favorite is the "rose" flavor, but they're honestly all amazing. You can pick these up at your local CVS, Whole Foods or Bed Bath & Beyond. If you're still doing online shopping, I'd recommend ordering with Amazon Prime for that free 2-day shipping!

2) Body Blendz Coffee Shimmer Scrub

≫ for her (but honestly, he should be able to shimmer, too)

Not only is this coffee scrub shimmery, it actually makes your skin feel soft and revitalized. Body Blendz is running a Holiday special on these products right now, which means you can buy this scrub as part of a 3-piece set that includes: bronze shimmer body oil + illuminating balm along with the scrub! Check it out!

3) Happy Tea - Lemon Tea CBD

≫ for him & her

I love CBD for treating things like stress, anxiety and pain, but I just went into detail about how CBD is now being talked about more regularly in the endo community. Regardless of what you use CBD for, Happy Tea is a great (and tasty) delivery method. Each container comes with individually wrapped, single-servings, which can be easily mixed with water to enjoy on the go!Happy Tea offers 10mg natural hemp extract that has been studied for possible beneficial effects on stress, anxiety and inflammation. Unlike cannabis, hemp doesn’t have THC and won’t have psychoactive effects.You can order yours here.


≫ for him

If you're looking for some last-minute gifts for your dude, listen up - buy him some SAXX ASAP! I, personally, can't say I've tried these first-hand since, well, I don't have any junk to put in a sack, but James is obsessed with these boxers and talks about how comfortable they are, non-stop. These boxers/briefs have an actual little "pocket", which "keeps everything in place throughout the entire day" (so I've been told). They're a little pricey, but besides being comfortable (for him), I can say they wash very well, too. The fabric still looks new after each wash and they don't seem to lose elasticity like some of the other brands. Oh, and they're super soft! Check out Nordstrom for lots of cool colors and designs.

5) Harry's Shave Cream

≫ for him (I meeeaan, or her?)

So, speaking of dude, here is another great stocking stuffer he's sure to love. Honestly, I'm a sucker for great packaging and branding, but this stuff also smells great and is super smooth. Plus, it's called "Harry's" and it's got a wooly mammoth on the front, for cryin' out loud. James isn't super picky when it comes to this stuff and he doesn't have overly sensitive skin, so this was a selfish gift, mostly because I liked the way it smelled. Anyway, you can find it at Urban Outfitters and it's only $8!

Moving on to gifts for under the tree🎄🎁

6) Mapiful Poster Prints

≫ for him & her

I'm also a sucker for anything I can put into a gold frame. These Mapiful prints are fully customizable and contain the coordinates of a meaningful location of your choice. I went with the black and yellow, pantone, "night" print and used the coordinates for Venice, Italy, which is one of the spots we visited over Summer. These also come in multiple different sizes, up to a full-size standard poster. I went with the 18x24 so it could perfectly fill an empty space I already had in mind before ordering ;)

7) MismatcheD (Gold) Frames

≫ for him & her (or you)

Let's be real, when you give someone framed photos and you live in the same house as them... those are gifts to yourself. Regardless, gifting someone framed photos is special and is a great way to encapsulate memories you're glad you shared. I love hunting for frames at Home Goods - they always seem to have one-of-a-kind, odd pieces, especially in gold-tones, which are usually hard for me to find. The three frames in the center of our shelves (in photo) are actually from Amazon. Those were matted to fit a 4x4 photo, which work out great for framing high-quality Instagram pictures. Some of my favorites are the frames that actually have a clasp on one side so they open like a book when you want to swap photos out. Additionally, these are favorites because you can use a smaller photo and it leaves you with a "matting" that is just see-through glass (as shown on the right shelf).

8) Five-Minute Journal

≫ for him & her

From the Intelligent Change website: The Five-Minute Journal is your secret weapon to focus on the good in your life, become more mindful, and live with intention. With a simple structured format based on positive psychology research, you will start and end each day with gratitude. Thousands who use the journal have seen increased happiness, better relationships, and have become more optimistic. ($22.95)

9) Monogrammed Anthropologie Candles

≫ for her

Everyone knows how great Anthro candles smell - and they last forever! I stumbled upon their new monogrammed candles while I was shopping for a gift for my best friend and it was a no-brainer. I usually try to buy candles that come in cute jars or glass so they can be reused once the wax is gone. These are currently on sale on the Anthropologie website for 30% off (regularly $24). Currently sold-out of B, O, Q, Z Find your letter here.

10) Scotch & Soda Outerwear

≫ for him & her

Fun fact: I'm sort of obsessed with Scotch & Soda. Another fun fact: James hates shopping, especially when we aren't shopping for anything in particular (AKA, the fun part of shopping). Anyhow, I dragged James into Scotch & Soda with me one day while we were at the mall and he instantly said "wow, I'd literally wear every single thing in this store". I know, dude, same. I got James a puffer jacket in deep olive green and he LOVED it. He's already worn it several times and is super satisfied with how soft, warm and all-around dope it is. (Okay, I added the dope part, but it is!) And yes, he's already used it several times because I'm a terrible gift-keeper and always want to give people their presents before it's time. We took this jacket with us to Orlando and it came in pretty clutch since we got hit with some pretty bad weather. Whether you're shopping for a guy or a gal, Scotch has tons of options for everyone. I know I'm biased because I'm a fiend for their threads, but you can (and you should) check them out here. They've got some great deals on outerwear and hoodies with Christmas just a week away!

11) Undated Daily Planner & Journal

≫ for him & her

These undated planners that double as journals have been a long-time favorite of mine. No pages are wasted since nothing has dates. It's perfect for that organized-unorganized friend. I especially like that it has room to write daily intentions, gratitude and nightly rituals, as well as all the standard "planner" info. Anthropologie has some reeealllyyy cute leather styles, but they're upwards of $60, so I listed this style from Urban Outfitters, which is currently on sale for $20 (regularly $24).

12) JAFRA Cosmetics Royal Boost Collection

≫ one for her, one for you

Give the gift of healthy skin! This stuff is ahh-mazing! Living in Vegas with no humidity means my skin is extra dry and usually pretty cracked (sad face). This Royal Boost set is for the driest of dry skin and it has already worked wonders on my face. The gel mask feels amazing and once you rinse it off, it's like having a new layer of fresh skin on your face. The micellar water comes in handy when I'm too lazy to wash my face, or if I just need a quick boost of hydration on a dry day. The moisturizer is silky smooth and doesn't feel greasy like most of the lotions I've used in the past. Plus, this set comes with a moisturizer that doubles as an SPF protector, which is great because I'm the worst when it comes to applying an SPF, especially in the non-Summer months when I assume the sun isn't doing damage to my skin (cough cough, it is). Check out the sets and select the one that's best for your skin-type here.

13) TINA + JO

≫ for her

I've basically been living in these tops from TINA + JO. They're super soft and cozy, plus all the garments are hand-dyed and are eco-friendly. Specialty washes are developed each season using innovative dying techniques that draw inspiration from nature. You can also find TINA + JO at your local Anthropologie.

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