Eliza @ Sunaka Jewelry, Bali

I had the pleasure of getting to know Eliza over at Sunaka Jewelry, based in Indonesia.

Sunaka Jewelry is a Silver Jewelry shop located in Celuk Village, Bali, Indonesia. In the past, silver and gold jewelry was often used in religious celebrations and among the royal family. At Sunaka, they aim to produce only the finest and most elegant silver and gold, to preserve this heritage from their ancestors and to be passed on to future generations.

Eliza is an accounting graduate - born and raised in Bali. She started her job at Sunaka Jewelry as a marketing & communication specialist five years ago.

I felt in love with the concept of this brand, the story, and the mission. I love to be creative, happy to be a content creator, and explore the art side of myself.

Celuk is the center of jewelry (silver and gold) craftsmanship, where most of the citizens are jewelers (silver and goldsmiths). Jewelry in Celuk is not about business, but it’s about how we are preserving the jewelry craftsmanship in Celuk, as a living heritage. I chose retail because when we do retail business, it’s easier for us to develop our brand, tell the story, and share our mission based on the jewelry we make.

It's always great to do business in Bali because Bali is where cultures across the country meet. We cater to locals and tourists alike. There is no difference in our services and pricing, as we value both types of customers - we give the fairest price to all. Although 70% of our customers are Indonesian, we also offer worldwide shipping to broaden our market.

What do you find most difficult about being a woman in business? Nowadays, there is no difference between men and women. We all get the same level of opportunity today. Here, women are able to do what men do. However, sometimes I feel a little intimidated by men when it comes to work because I'm always afraid to lose an argument with a man.

I know SUNAKA was founded by a man and his wife - how does SUNAKA help advocate for women in Bali - and women all around the world?

We offer the same level of opportunity for women in our office, as most of our workers are women and some of our craftsmen are also women. Besides that, we also have off-site jewelers - they take orders from us, but we allow them to finish the orders at their house. It gives them the opportunity to watch their kids while their wives work outside of the house.

What do you want the world to know MOST about SUNAKA?

There is a story behind every design we make. Our inspiration always comes from nature, Balinese and Indonesian culture, and women. We want the world to know that there is a whole village in Bali that is famous because of its jewelry craftsmanship culture that has existed since a long time ago.

What's your favorite collection?

I love the Capung Rose Gold Earrings. Capung means dragonfly in English. Inspired from dragonflies, this collection represents and is symbolic of change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.

In anticipation of celebrating Women's Day (and Women's History Month all throughout March) who are some women you look up to and admire?

Malala Yousafzai.

She’s a voice for all women - that we should have adequate and equal educations - just like men.

Does SUNAKA give back to the community in any way?

Our main mission is to support local jewelers to continue their work in order to preserve this cultural heritage of jewelry craftsmanship in Celuk. We also collected donations after the Palu Tsunami and Donggala Earthquake.

SUNAKA is such an awesome name! Is there any special meaning behind it? How did they come up with it?

Sunaka is the name of our founder, Ketut Sunaka. The logo of Sunaka Jewelry symbolizes a combination of the letters S and J in Patra Kakul motif, which is an acronym for Sunaka Jewelry. Both letters are packed into a typical form of jewelry-making techniques from Celuk, named Jawan. The typical color of blue from Sunaka Jewelry symbolizes “desire”, orange represents “joy or pleasure”, and brown stands for “strength”.

The meaning of the logo and these three colors reflects us by bringing out Celuk’s unique jewelry crafting technique. Sunaka Jewelry wants to fulfill the desire and pleasure by presenting good quality jewelry.

As I mentioned above, Celuk is well-known for its jewelry craftsmanship culture. Through our brand, we want to uplift the story of Celuk and it's one of a thousand ways of preserving this culture. Today, we are able to preserve this culture not only by being silver or goldsmiths, but we can preserve it with marketing and communication (like me), production team, design team, or anything! [Thank you, social media!]

To learn more about Sunaka Jewelry, please visit them at: sunakajewelry.com

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