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One of the most-asked questions from my Instagram Q&A on August 13th was, "how do you remain so creative with your content?"

I think the answer to this is different for everyone, but for me, I try to set goals TO create on a regular basis. Since I am such a perfectionist, sometimes I create content and never use it (even though James scoffs since he thinks it's always "great"). This means, I have to make even more content since I know I won't use 1/3 of it.

Something that's super helpful for me is "always being prepared".

Typically if we're taking the Land Rover on a road trip, I'll pack literal chests and suitcases filled with clothes, shoes, accessories and props. I do this because you never know where you'll end up or what you'll pass by. Sometimes there are weird road conditions (or CLOSED roads, altogether) that make for great photo opps.

For example, we took a trip to Palm Springs and on the way home, we noticed part of Route 66 was closed to traffic... HELLO PLAYGROUND and amazing backdrop! I'm not usually one for risking my life in the middle of a road for a photo for Instagram, so this was the perfect fit! AND since I had the chests in the car (filled with clothes), we were able to use those as props, which fit perfectly with the Route 66 theme and setting.

The first image on this page was actually taken at Zion National Park in a water drain pipe. We were walking along the bridge (on a day with zero rain) and I saw the pipe on the side of the road, which looked like a fun slide. James, being the awesome boyfriend/photographer that he is, climbed down to get the angled shot I wanted.

I find that the most fun and best shots we end up taking, are always the ones where we're being playful - and having ACTUAL fun together.

Creating #moodboards is another thing I love to do. I like to see what everyone else is doing, how they're utilizing their apps, props, clothes, etc. and draw inspiration from others. If I have something specific to shoot, I'll usually use mood boards for those items. This not only helps me muster up some creativity of my own, but it helps James when he's shooting because he has actual images to reference for the style that I'm imagining in my head.

If you're shooting alone (self-timer people, you are my heroes!), this could also be helpful for setting up your vignette or shooting area/studio. I can't use self-timer to save my life, so I'm usually pretty helpless until James can pencil me in to his schedule and help make my dreams his own :)

Content is all around us, all the time. If you have a camera and a good eye for shooting, you can make it wherever you go! You don't always need fancy clothes and beautiful backdrops (especially if you're shooting with a 50mm lens, which is my go-to)! ;)

We've been pressed for time before and have literally used our neighbors bushes as a backdrop... the photo looked like we were in a field of wildflowers having a picnic, when in reality, we were right outside the gates of our own home.

If there's one thing I've learned about making content, it's to BE EFFICIENT. You don't always have to run off to some outdoor area with insane views and 5-star meadows with rivers running through and eagles flying over.

Lastly, if I really, REALLY can't think of anything to create and am feeling stuck or in a rut, I look at writing prompts. Sometimes writing prompts make me think of captions (hence the writing), which in turn, helps me think of photo ideas and concepts. Writing captions first seems like you're working backwards (and maybe you are). What came first, the chicken or the egg? The content or caption?

Check out my post on cheap, fun Summer props! Maybe the props will inspire some photo ideas in you!

Lots of love, xx


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