John Hardy Jewelry

I love partnering with brands that create ways for women to work for them, whilst also taking care of their children at home. John Hardy is one of my favorite brands to partner with, as they definitely think outside the box when it comes to getting women involved in the workplace, but also allowing these women to take their tools and resources back to their homes, which allows them to earn a living wage, while also keeping an eye on their children.

This Balinese brand uses the highest-end gold and silver and every item they carry is handmade. Even the books they have in-store that show new designs and concepts, etc., are all hand-painted and are one-of-a-kind.

Here is some of my favorite content we've created for John Hardy:

For this first series, we hiked to the top of Kelso Dunes. I believe the temperature outside was 104 when we arrived, but we needed at least 2 hours to get to the top before Golden Hour. It was a HARD trek up, but the results were so worth it!

This next set was taken out at Red Rock Canyon (in Calico Basin), Las Vegas.

Finally, this series was taken right before Christmas 2019 and was meant to encourage purchases for the Holidays. We shot these in Cabo San Lucas (on our Honeymoon!) :)

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