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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you've probably heard of CBD (cannabidiol). CBD has infiltrated just about everything these days, from bath bombs, to skincare products and facial serums, pet treats, body lotions, tea, candles, and even WATER.

CBD comes in many forms: oil tincture drops, capsules, topical creams and serums, vapes, essential oils and diffusers, etc., but as I mentioned above, CBD seems to have worked its way into just about every product imaginable (and I'm not mad about it).

In our house, we use CBD for almost everything! Sleep regulation, endometriosis pain relief, muscle and back pain, anxiety, migraines, and more. James was skeptical early on, but after his first bout with the flu last season, and some pretty gnarly migraines (that usually knock him out for at least 24-hours), he's finally a believer - and a fan!

This season, I decided to do a roundup of some of my favorite CBD brands and products. I've tried SO many and there have been some I've loved, some I've liked and some that I honestly didn't care for at all. Trying to remain as objective as possible, I've compiled a list of the products that I truly, genuinely love (and use). NOT all CBD products are the same!

While compiling this list, I looked at many factors before including (or excluding) certain brands/products. Packaging/branding, brand philanthropy, brand education, flavor, personal experience(s) with the products, number of unique products offered, and how many times I found myself going back to each. These would make for perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for anyone special in your life. Let's hop in!

To start, my absolute FAVORITE CBD brand to date: Ology Essentials

Ology Essentials received an overall rating of 48/50

- Branding/Packaging: 10/10

- Unique products offered: 10/10

- Price-Point: 8/10 ($$$)

- Quality/Effectiveness: 10/10

- Brand Philanthropy & Ethics: 10/10

Be sure to use code STEPFHOLIDAY20 to receive 20% off your entire purchase!

When I first tried Ology, I was immediately blown away by their packaging and branding (they did a major rebrand recently!). Everything looks like something you'd see in the beauty department at a Harrod's. Brown, frosted glass to cardboard lip balm packaging, they keep an eye on sustainability, as well as health and wellness.

The first 2 products I tried were their: "for us" deodorant and the "for us" mint lip balm. Living in Vegas with little-to-no humidity, leaves your skin and lips DRY. I've lived in Vegas for almost 6-years, and in that time, have tried countless lip balms and lip treatments, but nothing healed my cracked lips. I'm talking, CRACKED lips - some mornings, I'd wake up with my lips sealed together by blood that seeped out of the cracks while I was sleeping. NOTHING worked... until Ology's lip balm. (sidenote: James basically immediately stole this and kept it in his truck because he also loved it!) Cannot recommend this lip balm enough!

Second Ology product I immediately fell in love with: "For Us" CBD Deodorant

Over the course of about 6-months, I had tried at least 10 deodorants (and no, this is not a joke or an exaggeration). I'm not going to throw any brands under the bus, but I tried everything! The well-known, been-around-forever brands, the new, hip, aluminum-free brands, the organic brands, sprays, solids, etc. I even tried a couple of men's brands in hopes they'd smell less like flowers in your armpits, but honestly, nothing seemed to work, OR I couldn't get past the way the deodorant smelled. The "For Us" deodorant by Ology has a mint/eucalyptus smell, which goes on a little strong, but quickly dissipates and starts to smell more like a perfume or cologne as you wear it. It comes in a 2oz bottle, which may seem small, but to put this into perspective, this has been on our bathroom vanity for over two months and James and I both share this (we each use it once or twice a day), and we still have almost half left.

I could honestly go on forever about deodorants (I wasn't kidding when I said I've tried a LOT), but the main reason I love this one so much is because I typically can get more wears out of our tops/sweaters, rather than washing them after every wear (not because of smelly pits, but because 1) usually deodorant leaves some sort of stain or residue on your clothes, and 2) I usually get annoyed by the smell the deodorant leaves on your clothes). PLUS, since we share this one, we don't have that clashing scent nonsense happening in our house :)

Some other Ology Essentials (literally, essentials) that I can't recommend highly enough, include:

- "For Us" Massage Oil

This oil not only feels great, but encourages intimate moments (and lots of back rubs from your honey!), but while on our honeymoon, I discovered a new use for this oil... after sun oil! My skin was SO burnt and was starting to peel, so I decided to use some of this on my legs and it cooled my skin, hydrated it, and my legs never ended up peeling at all!

- "He" CBD Aftershave (shhh, don't tell James, but this is in his stocking)

- Isolate Honey

We drink tea every night, as a way of winding down after each day, and this honey (we got the cinnamon flavor) has been an amazing addition to our mugs. We usually drink our tea in the bath, which is already relaxing, but adding this CBD honey into our "sleepytime" tea, makes for the best night's sleep, ever.

- Whipped CBD Body Butter (Grapefruit)

- Vitality CBD Roll-On (this is currently included in the Vitality Gift Set, which is on sale for 25% off!)

- Last, but not least, the Blot Facial Serum

This was another one I used as a post-sunburn hack. Added this to my nightly routine and it kept my semi-burnt skin feeling hydrated and refreshed (and 3 days out of Mexico, so far, still no peeling!)

Another Fav Brand Alert: Premium Jane

Premium Jane received an overall rating of 35/50

- Branding/Packaging: 7/10

- Unique products offered: 6/10

- Price-Point: 5/10 ($$$$$)

- Quality/Effectiveness: 9/10

- Brand Education: 8/10

CBD "Enjoy & Unwind" Gummies, 750mg/pack [25mg CBD per Gummy Bear]

These gummies taste delicious (almost too delicious because I sometimes find myself not being able to stop at one or two. If you don't take CBD often, I'd recommend starting with just one, 25-mg bear and working up from there, should you need to increase your dosage. These gummies are probably my favorite because they remind me a little of Sour Patch Kids. They've got a semi-tarte outer layer, but they aren't too sour. I usually take a couple of these on days when I'm lacking focus, or feel like I might have a headache coming on.

You can find these HERE, and they're currently on sale for $10 off!

Another Premium Jane product I love is: The CBD Capsules, which promote calmness and relaxation (AKA: lower my anxiety levels, especially if taken in the morning with my AM coffee). For me, it's a great balance between getting caffeinated, but not having the anxious side-effects that sometimes come along with drinking caffeine. These are currently $14 off and you can find yours here.

Lastly, I started using the Premium Jane CBD Topical Salve, 1,500 mg, Cocoa Butter to treat, of all things, eczema outbreaks on my hands and between my fingers (or sometimes, even on my elbows). The only downside to this salve is that it comes in at a whopping $125.00. I will say, however, the container has lasted me months, as I only need to use it for a couple of days at a time. If I use it right when I feel the stress-induced eczema coming on, it tends to clear it up pretty quickly. (Please note: this is not the intended use of this product, but only my personal opinion and experience using it. I do* also have medicated, prescribed ointments for eczema, but I try to use the CBD topicals as much as possible).

Next, bath bombs by: Hot Mess Kushmetics

Like I said, James and I take baths almost every night and we used to spend tons of money on Lush bath bombs, which smell great, but unfortunately, don't contain the healing components of CBD. These bath bombs deliver 50 mg of healing CBD into your tub. Every Bath Bomb contains skin-loving shea butter to moisturize and protect your skin while you soak and relax. The reason these are my favorite: they're huge! Most of the CBD bath bombs I've come across have been pretty small, which is fine if you want to use a couple at once, but we have a pretty large tub and the cost of using 2-3 per night gets a little too pricey. These bath bombs have helped us both sleep better, but with that said, be sure you're ready to hop in bed and relax after your bath because these definitely do make your body feel tired! If you're looking for a restful night of deep sleep, you have to try these!

For the PETS &/or pet-lovers in your life: FOMO Bones

Give it as a treat! Small dogs, 10-15 pounds can have one bone a day. Bigger dogs 20+ pounds can have two bones a day. (If your dog is smaller than 10 pounds they can still use our treats. Try breaking a bone in half, and giving just one half a day.)

NOTE: CBD works instantly. But it takes more than one or two treats to really see continuing results. Typically it takes 5-7 days for it to build up in your pup's system and be effective.

Our eldest dog (Minnie) is almost 9 and we've got her on a daily glucosamine regimine, but we add CBD to her routine when we notice a decline in her mobility (or after long hikes, etc.)

For Steevie (our 9-month-old pup), we use them more as a calming mechanism, since she does tend to get some separation anxiety when she's left alone for too long.

These treats are $39 per pack, but if you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can save $10 each month ($29 per pack, delivered straight to your door, once a month!)

*Be sure to consult your vet before use if your dog is on any prescribed medications!

Sleep-Specific Remedies by: Pharm Organics

CBD Oil Softgels with Melatonin (750mg, $99.95)

I used to buy OTC sleeping pills from Costco, but it got to the point where I'd be taking 2-3 a night and they just weren't effective anymore. I wasn't sure these softgels with melatonin would work, but sure enough, they did. I like to take these with us on trips, since I'm such a "picky sleeper" and it's always incredibly hard for me to fall asleep in hotel rooms, especially if there are loud neighbors (or uncomfortable beds). I keep these in my nightstand at home and take them about 1-2 hours before bed, to start feeling relaxed, which then makes it much easier to fall asleep once I'm ready :)

If you can't handle the consistency of oil tinctures, but want something equally as fast-acting: Sublingual Blueberry Strips, by JACE Clinical Solutions

- Convenient for taking on-the-go

- Appearance of a breath mint

- Ten strips, each packaged individually

- Blueberry flavor

- Each strip contains 10mg of CBD

- Sublingual intake is such a rapid method because it allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream directly, bypassing the stomach, intestines, and liver

You can use code: Stepfaniexx for 30% off your entire purchase from JACE! xx

Hemp Pain Relief Cream by: Hemp Euphoria

This blend of full-spectrum Hemp CBD and ultra-moisturizing cream gives you maximum coverage and absorption into your skin to alleviate pain and discomfort. I use this Hemp Pain Relief Cream on my abdominal area during peak endometriosis pain. (I do usually use this in conjunction with CBD capsules, as well as my prescribed medications, due to the severity of my pain each month, but I have noticed the added benefits of this topical cream, as well).

Happy Tea CBD On-The-Go by: Happy Tea

Happy Tea offers 10mg natural hemp extract in the form of a powder that you mix with water. This has been shown to have positive effects on stress, anxiety and inflammation. You get 14 Happy Tea Sticks per bottle, and you can choose from three different flavors: Lemon Zen (our fav!), Mixed Berry, or Zen Punch.

Happy Tea now also offers a monthly subscription rate, which brings the price down from $24.97/each to $14.97/mo. James honestly used these more than I did, as he found these extremely helpful for his migraines. He takes them to work with him and mixes a pack into his water at the first sign of a migraine. I like these because it also forces you to hydrate, since you have to mix the powder with water :)

Did someone say a CBD FACE MASK?? Yep, by: Secret Gardien

Moisturize and renew your skin with this revitalizing face mask. Infused with CBD, these masks aim to help heal and nourish damaged skin. They're also competitively priced, and come in at only $6 each.

Another cool product by Secret Gardien, is the CBD Massage Candle. A 16oz, 50mg candle is $40, but you can use the melted wax (carefully) on your skin (or on your honey)!

With so many CBD brands to choose from, I hope this little guide helps you find some awesome gifts for those special people in your life. If you're still unsure about the effects or benefits of CBD, I highly encourage you to do some online research (or even ask your doctor, depending on how liberal they are). I've recently noticed my doctor's office has new posters about the benefits of CBD, which is encouraging.

I've been trying to take less prescriptions and use more natural and organic products to help ease things like anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc. so I just can't recommend these products enough!

If you have any questions about any of these items mentioned above, feel free to send me a message on Instagram, happy to help! xx

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